Medsphere.Widgets still rockin!

OpenVista CIS

The team at Medsphere has been busy making huge strides in open source healthcare with the OpenVista CIS Beta ramping up at Century City Doctors Hospital, preparing for CIS’s GA release, and beginning a few exciting projects for the future.

We also pushed out the 1.0 Beta release of CIS to the open source world with a new license — the Affero GPL v3.0. We think this is pretty cool, as it drops the Medsphere Systems Public License (MSPL) in favor of a better GPL-compatible license that is more usable by the community, and also closes the Application Service Provider (ASP) loophole.

Medsphere.Widgets 0.2.1

But, that’s not all we’ve been up to. Today, we’re putting out a new release of the still-rocking-your-socks-off Medsphere.Widgets. The 0.2.1 release brings a few bug fixes that were discovered during our beta process.

For those who don’t remember Medsphere.Widgets — our LGPL v2.0 or greater licensed, cross-platform Gtk# widgets, here are the widgets:






Run, don’t walk, to download the latest release today!

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