Announcing Mono Accessibility 0.9

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Oneth by land, twoeth by iPhone?

Wow, these past 3 months have gone by at a lightning quick pace. I’ve now fully adjusted to the weather, calling 40 F degree temps “warm”, and my daily walk over the wonderful Charles river. All in all, I’m truly enjoying my time here, but of course, I’m missing all my good friends in California.

Just around 15 weeks in to my new position, and our team has already made some significant progress. I’m happy to announce that we’re introducing the first developer release of the Mono Accessibility project to the world.

For those who don’t know, the Mono Accessibility project aims to enable Windows applications to be fully accessible on Linux. This is accomplished through two efforts — First, implement the managed UI Automation framework targeted toward Mono’s System.Windows.Forms project and second, implement a bridge between our UI Automation implementation and ATK.

We’re calling this first release “Zoidberg” after the quirky lobster-like doctor on Futurama, and it encompasses a significant portion of the UI Automation API. If you want to know exactly what controls are supported, or to download out our release, check out our Release Notes page.

Now, I want to add specific emphasis to the fact that this is a Developer release, and hasn’t yet gone through significant QA, but we’d like interested parties to check it out and file any bugs they might find.

If you’re running OpenSUSE 11, you can easily download the Mono Accessibility project via our handy 1-click:

Mono Accessibility 1-click install

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